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The March Issue is Now Available!

Pageant Royalty Magazine By Showoffs March Issue

Pageant Royalty Magazine: Pageant Royalty Magazine By Showoffs March Issue

This is Pageant Royalty Magazine by Showoffs' March Issue. This is full of pageant inspiration, amazing role models, pageant tips, and even a beauty tip.

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Pageant Royalty Magazine February 2019 Issue

By Meranda OConner in Pageant Royalty Magazine

44 pages, published 2/8/2019

This is the February 2019 Issue of Pageant Royalty Magazine! This issue is themed with with love. There is pageantry tips, inspiration, and stories in this publication. We feature many amazing Queen, and celebrate them!

Service Queen, and Talent Search for February’s issue ends Sunday!

Make sure you get you entries in soon! For a chance to be featured in our magazine.

Welcome to Pageant Royalty Magazine by Showoffs!

This magazine has been in the works for years, but it’s finally here!

Welcome to Pageant Royalty Magazine‘s Official website!


We want to feature YOU! Our contest tab has  opportunities for YOU to be featured! This magazine will be  about the great things pageantry has to offer and tips to help your journey in the pageantry world!  Make sure to check out the Contests Page, and like our Facebook Page for amazing opportunities! 

Our goal is  to honor royalty that is bettering the lives around them, show off your royal talents, and give tips to help in your next competition. We will also show you new products that might come in handy for your next pageant. We aim to feature great pageant systems that everyone will enjoy. Head over to our sponsor page to find out more!

Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates and keep your eye open for new contests!

We hope you enjoy! 

~Miss Meranda

If you see anything that you think we may want to feature, Contact Us!