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Calendar Of Events!

Here is an interactive calendar of all of our sponsors events and special events we will hold. Keep checking back because we are intending to grow FAST!




We need REAL, GENUINE, SWEET, CARING, KIND, AND MOTIVATED Queens AND Kings! Does that describe you? Our age divisions range from 0 – 100!! There is NO physical pageant and NO COMMITMENT to any of our pageants. We want YOU to use our title for good, and help your community. Come join our Positive Pageant Family at America’s Classic Miss and Mister!

These Titles are Appointed and only $95! The first person to enter each age group will take the Title of their State or Va Hometown. Each Title comes with a Round Crown, Embroidered Sash, $50 off Supreme Fees at the 2020 America’s Classic Miss and Mister National Pageant, $ 50 off Supreme Fees at 2020 America’s Classic Miss Va State or 2020 America’s Classic Miss & Mister Christmas Regional Pageant, 2 PHOTOSHOOT OPPORTUNITIES, Magazine opportunities with Pageant Royalty Magazine by Showoffs, and INCLUSION IN OUR NEW ROYAL INITIATIVE (Details will release at midnight on January 1st 2020).
Contact Miss Bobbie to secure your title today!
Miss Bobbie
America’s Classic Miss & Mister National Director

Please Note:THIS TITLE IS NON- BINDING. You do not have to compete in a physical pageant, nor compete in pageants mentioned above. We are a pageant system that celebrates the beauty of all ages, sizes, colors, and shapes. We want real genuine Queens to represent our system. We do ask that you tag our pageant system page in any big accomplishment, or project. Contact Miss Meranda K. O’Conner if you wish to have your pageant family help you with a project. Together we can both brainstorm and help get involvement within your pageant family.

We will have a special crowning ceremony and photography shoot for our Hometown/ State Royalty contestants at our America’s Classic Miss Paws-itive Mini Regional February 8th and 9th in Virginia Beach, Va! Only $125 for required competition!

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