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This Magazine is all about the wonderful world of pageantry. We celebrate strong, empowered and giving women. We give tips to new pageant moms and new contestants. We advertise wonderful companies for all of your pageant needs and offer a calendar of upcoming pageants from our sponsors. Pageant Royalty Magazine hasĀ  a goal to represent pageantry in a positive light and show all the positive opportunities of pageantry.

About the Author

I am Meranda O’Conner. Through the years, I have competed in pageants, coached, judged and audited pageants, I have also served as an assistant director. At 21 years old, I have 20 years of experience in the pageant world in a variety of aspects. In 2019 America’s Classic Miss and Mister will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary! This is the system created by my mother and the system I have gained experience through my entire life and now serve as assistant director for, When I completed high school I was dead set on becoming a writer. I originally wanted to move to Tennessee to become a song writer, however my health prevented that. I became even more involved and dedicated to pageantry and the positive impact that it had on so many people. I was now involved at such a different level – it became my passion to help build confidence in girls and ladies of all ages. I realized how much I truly loved it. I love the extended family and providing a safe and positive environment for those that needed it. I love meeting adorable babies, talented children, motivated teens, and being in awe of truly accomplished and powerful women. We all are there for some reason. I now solely run the America’s Classic Miss Social Media sites, and have my hands in every aspect of America’s Classic Miss and Mister but I want to expand. I tried to create a blog, but that wasn’t enough. So! I am taking a gamble on myself for 2019. I am going to finally start Pageant Royalty Magazine! It will be a bumpy ride, but let’s slip on our stilettos and get to work!

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